Folding Wall Vik

Collaboration with Widholm Thimander Industri AB

Folding Wall Vik is a collaboration with Widholm Thimander Industri AB. https://wtiab.se/

Steel frame: The folding wall consists of an inner frame of hollow square tubes with external dimensions of 10×10 mm and 1 mm thickness. The square tubes are cut to the right lengths and welded together.

Steel hinges: The folding wall’s hinges are constructed from solid steel tubes with a diameter of 12 mm. The 12 mm steel tubes are cut to the correct lengths. A hole with a diameter of 9 mm is drilled in the upper hinge joint. A lathe is used to the lower hinge joint to bring forth a suitable pipe thickness. In the upper and lower parts of the hinge, a 5 mm thick steel plate is turned and welded. The hinges are ground and polished. The hinge’s 5 mm thick steel plate is welded directly to the steel frame.

Vik / Axonometric Projection

Lid in blacksteel: The exterior of the folding wall consists of 1 mm thick sheet material in black steel (untreated steel). The sheet material is cut to the correct dimensions; 420 mm x 1620 mm with a guillotine shears. The edges of the sheet material (11 mm in) are bent in a press brake to produce a ”shoebox lid”. The four edges of the lid are welded together and ground and polished until no joints are visible.

Burning: The blacksteel sheets are burned (maximum 300 mm in) with a gas burner. By burning, the steel reacts with oxygen and oxidizes, which creates a lively motif in the material.

Sheet in mirror plate: A sheet in mirror plate with the dimensions 400 mm x 1600 x 1 mm is welded to every “shoebox lid”. The meeting of the plates and the lid is ground and polished until no joints are visible.

Soundproofing material: A 4 mm thick self-adhesive damping mat is attached to the inside of the lid and on the sheets in mirror plate, so that the finished wall parts do not feel “hollow” The damping mat is cut and attached before the mirror plate and blacksteel lid are welded together. https://www.silentswede.se

Vik / Wheel

Wheels: Wheels from Tellus, Widman Thimander’s go-to company when it comes to wheels, are attached to the finished wall parts of the folding wall. A threaded screw is attached to the wheels and screwed into the threaded holes, drilled in the finished wall parts of the folding wall. https://www.tellus.se

Vik / Plan & Elevation